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We are pleased to announce the release of The Gift of Love: The Secret to Improving Your Work, Relationships, and Life in Only 10 Minutes a Day.  This short, fun  book is a guide for using The Gift of Love process to transform your life.   For a limited time this book is being offered for $2.99 in Kindle (Amazon) and Nook (ePub) formats. 

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The gift of love book

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This brief, but powerful book, is about how to use a process called THE GIFT OF LOVE, developed by Dr. Jerry DeShazo. It’s about healing our world one person at a time, starting with ourselves.

The easy-to-follow process detailed in this book is part meditation, part visualization, part breathing process. This book is the user guide to a whole new way of living, a way of experiencing and appreciating life from a whole new perspective. There is nothing you have to buy and no tools are required. You merely have to be willing to take ten minutes out of your day, follow the steps, and “Agree Today to Be the Gift of Love.”

This description is from the authors: “The Gift of Love is a poetic writing that has its own beauty … and upon further examination, it may lead one to a contemplative process, creating balance and harmony in one’s everyday life. Over time, this process can also create subtle positive change in the recipient of The Gift.”

One of the challenges in maintaining a peaceful state in life is when you are interacting with others who are coming at you from places of anger, pain, suffering, or fear. At these times, no matter what words they use, or how they act, what these individuals are really expressing is that they’re lost, alone, or disconnected. Using The Gift of Love process allows you to shift into a full-resource state where you are able to operate at your highest and best at all times, no matter what is going on around you. Maintaining your own peaceful state allows you to amplify your vibration of love, balance, and harmony, supporting others in returning to their own peaceful state.

Those who have used The Gift of Love process have reported many benefits:

• Lower stress
• Greater inner peace
• Enhanced and improved relationships
• More connection to others and themselves
• Great confidence
• Ability to relax faster and deeper
• Less worry

You too can choose to create this rapture in your life at all times and places, with all people, and capture the magic that results in your life experiences when you project this special energy. Weave the fabric of this reality into a tapestry of love, balance, and harmony that embraces your life and all those in it. Watch the magic that unfolds when you become “the peaceful difference.”

All proceeds from the sale of this book are used to help fund the PureLight Foundation, an organization established by Jerry DeShazo to spread the message of The Gift of Love to the world.

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