About Jerry DeShazo

For over 30 years, Jerome ("Jerry") DeShazo, DD, MBA, MCC, has been coaching and mentoring individuals and businesses.  

Dr. DeShazo was the co-founder and Senior Vice President of Corporate Development for Sendero Corporation, one of the largest providers of Asset-Liability management software, education and technology to the financial community.  Jerry specialized in building and enhancing inter-company relationships and also served as internal coach throughout the development of the Sendero Corporation. 

Dr. DeShazo is the developer of the PureLight Process, a synthesis of the coaching dynamic, which centers around “The Gift of Love” energy and supports people in awakening and developing their inner coach.

NOTE:  I am saddened to say that Jerry DeShazo shuffled on this mortal coil on December 4, 2010 after a sudden illness.  Jerry's work continues via the PureLight Foundation, which is dedicated to spreading the The Gift of Love process to the world.  — Ron Peer

Jerry with an order of 10,000 Gift of Love cards.  He gave them away to everyone he met.

Jerry with Gift of Love cards

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