NEW – THE GIFT OF LOVE book just released!

The Gift of Love is a poetic writing that has its own beauty … and upon further examination, it may lead one to a contemplative process, creating balance and harmony in one’s everyday life. Over time, this process can also create subtle positive change in the recipient of The Gift.

My vision leads me to give this writing to one billion people within the next two years. Hopefully, many people will be led to practice the contemplative process. If The Gift of Love resonates with you, please share it with others. Together, we will create a positive influence on our planet. — Jerry DeShazo


The Gift of Love

I Agree Today
To Be The Gift of Love.

I Agree to Feel Deeply
Love for Others
Independent of Anything
They are Expressing
Saying, Doing, or Being.

I Agree to Allow Love
As I Know It
To Embrace My Whole Body
And Then to Just Send It
To Them Silently and Secretly.

I Agree to Feel It, Accept It, Breathe It
Into Every Cell of My Body on Each In-Breath
And on Each Out-Breath
Exhale Any Feeling Unlike Love.

I Will Repeat This Breathing Process Multiple Times
Until I Feel It Fully and Completely
Then Consciously Amplify in Me
The Feeling of Love and Project it to Others
As The Gift of Love.

This is My Secret Agreement
No One Else is to Know It.

May be reproduced in totality
for any peaceful purpose without financial gain
All rights reserved  The PureLight Foundation

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